FileOpenDialog.Net    For Pocket PC 2000*, 2002*, 2003**, SE

Product Description:

Complete VB.Net source code for open a file or directory in two versions. You can insert this source code in your own projects. Unlimited use for your applications and sales. For professionals and beginners, you do not have to develop new.

  • 4 possible dialog views: TreeFolder, TreeList, Open..., Save...
  • Complete reading of all folders and files (not only "My Documents")
  • File filtering setting
  • Different icons for folders and files
  • Include registry code sample: Pocket PC name
  • View file size ans date/time
  • Build in only 2 files in your project (form + modul)
  • Complete VB.Net source code
  • Further very interesting codes include
  • Language support: english, german
  • Language automaticaly reading from the registry
  • you can change the program in any language
  • Unlimited use


  • Buy it directly at developer (Kai)

    System requirements:

  • Pocket PC 2000*, 2002*, Windows Mobile 2003** & SE
  • Screen: 240x320 Pixel or higher
  • Processors: Samsung, XScale, StrongARM, MIPS, SH3
  • Program developed in Visual Studio.Net.
  • Which Pocket PC do I have? Help ?

    Price: $25.00 USD

  • Views: 2242
  • Version:

  • Language: English
  • Developer (Author) of this program: Pocketkai (Kai Bruchmann)

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  • Buy it at Pocketkai: Payment with PayPal, promptly download (recommended).
  • Buy it via iTunes: Payment with your iTunes Account (credit card).
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