Kais Survival Pack.Net    For Pocket PC 2000, 2002, 2003, 2003SE, WM5, WM6.x

Product Description:

With the Survival Pack you are well equipped in the wildernes. 12 chosen, suited programs, to help you survive every adventure.


  • Beast Master: Dispels mosquitoes and other animals
  • Black Board: Make little sketches
  • Canine Whistle: Call your dog
  • Emergency Dialer: Emergency calls, also abroad
  • Flash Light: To illuminate the night
  • GPS Tracker: Send your location
  • Moon Phases: Knowing when it is brighter at night
  • MP3 Sleep Timer: Fall asleap with music
  • Multimedia Diary: To record every day, insert photos
  • Ruler: To measure off little things
  • Stop Watch: To time
  • Sun Compass: For orientation in daytime

  • All programs in english language
  • Separate to install
  • uses ca. 5 MB on memory card
  • you save ca. 68,- US$ opposite to separate buying

  • Program details for this Pack


  • Buy it directly at developer (Kai)

    System requirements:

  • System: Windows Mobile for Pocket PC 2003, 2003 SE, WM5, WM6.x
  • Screen: 240x320 Pixel or higher
  • Processors: Samsung, Intel® PXA XScale, StrongARM, OMAP
  • Newest technology: Program developed in Visual Studio.Net.
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  •  Support Portait format
     Support Landscape Mode  Support square screens

    Price: $19.95 USD

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  • Language: English
  • Developer (Author) of this program: Pocketkai (Kai Bruchmann)

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