Goethe Barometer    For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Product Description:

Use your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad as virtual Goethe Barometer. Additional: Temperature display, felt temperature, air humidity, wind speed, pressure and more...

Showing weather data:

  • Goethe Glas Barometer with liquid
  • additional digital display in mb, hPa, Torr, psi, inchHG
  • Enter your City or GPS > Weather data, nearby, world wide
  • Shows the name of the weather station resp. town
  • Temperature in C or F
  • felt temperature
  • humidity in %
  • Wind speed in km/h, MPH, m/s, kn or Bft
  • Date + time of the weather data
  • Data: Internet, online (a few bytes only)
  • map of the position of the weather station
  • Headache Indicator (settable)
  • Ice Preview
  • Barometer History
  • Universal App (for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)
  • 4 to 7 day wather preview with mor informations, e.g. Sun and moon
  • iPad: Hi resolution views and adjusted windows

  • Adapted for iPhone5 (higher display)
  • IPhone5: On the surface, an additional 5 day weather appears

  • 6 Cities with Test and GPS function
  • Temperature in C or F
  • Barometer in mb, hPa, Torr, psi, inchHG
  • Wind speed in km/h, MPH, kn, m/s, Bft
  • Pressure value for Headache
  • Number on Icon (pressure) on/off

    Enter Your City:
    Samples: Miami or Miami,USA or UK,ZIPCODE or ZIPCODE,New+York,USA or de,ZIPCODE,berlin... Please enter without spacechars and without special chars (...).
    Or use the GPS function.

    More features:
  • update-button for the data
  • Displaying actual, international weather-charts (Temperature, air pressure, Wind of Europe, USA, South America, Canada, the Caribean, Asia, Africa, Australia)
  • Icon: Number= last received air pressure
  • Doubleclick on Barometer: Pointer moves a bit towards the air pressure tendency (like a real analog Barometer)
  • Device does not turn off automatically, while the program is running
  • Speech of the weather data


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    System requirements:

  • For iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad
  • Adapted for iPad, Universal App
  • iOS 8 or higher
  •  Support Portait format

    Price: $2.99 USD

  • Views: 440
  • Version: 1.0

  • Language: English
  • Developer (Author) of this program: Pocketkai (Kai Bruchmann)

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