Business-Planner    For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Product Description:

The Business Planner accesses all of their calendar, and provides a week clearly view. Select one or more calendar, make new entries, edit or delete entries. You can navigate forward and back in weeks. In the iPad version can be seen on the right side to create, edit or delete tasks. In the iPhone version is a new window. Additional functions: Birthdays View the next 30 days, public holidays, school holidays, moon phases, Weather and more ...


  • Representation of the current or any other weeks
  • Access to all calendars
  • New entries, edit, delete
  • Simple, quick erase
  • Birthdays the next 30 days (or all sorted)
  • Display the calendar week, day of year, time
  • Day of the Week, for example [Mo.31]
  • Home button to navigate to This Week
  • Navigation in the weeks
  • Animated turn over (settable)
  • Go to Date
  • Tasks: new, view, edit, delete
  • Save the Tasks in iCloud (optional)
  • Holidays, school holidays, moon phases and send as iCal file entries in calendar.
  • Month calendar view (overview, current month)
  • 4 Day Weather
  • Save Tasks local or in iCloud

  • 1 Weekday: Mon or Sun
  • 24/12h display
  • Gradient on / off
  • Weather settings: city, wind unit, temperature...
  • Show birthdays in week -
  • Set iCloud on for Tasks

    The selection of own calendar only works with iOS 5.0. Otherwise, the default calendar is used.

    Shows the birthdays from contacts as sorted list with name, birtdaydate, age, days until birthday. A special case are the birthdays from the note field. Save more birthdays in a contact note field in this format (#dd.MM.yyyy#Name#), e.g.:


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    System requirements:

  • For iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad
  • Adapted for iPad, Universal App
  • iOS 8 or higher
  •  Support Portait format

    Price: $2.99 USD

  • Views: 392
  • Version: 1.2

  • Language: English
  • Developer (Author) of this program: Pocketkai (Kai Bruchmann)

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