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History: 2002 - 2004

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01/08/2007Helge JohnsenWeek PlannerThis is very good news. I have tried for several weeks to find a good week display for the outlook calender on my Treo 750. Along with excellent service from mr. Bruchmann, this turned out to be a very rewarding and professional experience. I look forward to try out other applications from pocketkai. Highly recommendable.
12/18/2006Craig PriceKai's Device PIN on/offI love this app! I'm a constant fiddler on my Axim when I'm at home and to be able to get around entering the password each and every time is fantastic. I don't even have to worry about forgetting to switch the password back on because if I switch on at work and don't have to enter the password I know instantly that the program is still active. I've mapped the program to my wireless button so one press is all it takes to activate or deactivate. A very simple but brilliant idea. I would recommend this to everyone.
05/13/2006Mick KohutHoliday ViewerI bought the bundle (it's a bargain) for my smartphone and many applications are terrific. I emailed Kai that I liked the Holiday Viewer but it had no Canadian holidays. In no time it was updated.
05/11/2006osruosruHi everyone! I think your site is very interesting and useful. I always bookmarked it.
02/12/2006MArk LAwrenceWow what an amazing range of softwareI think I am still too astounded for words! There are so many programs here, how come I've not heard of this website before? I saw one of your programs in PDA essentials, and followed the links here. wow.
08/28/2005Ina HendersonGreat site, excellent ProgramsI am looking forward to finally make a purchase to support this wonderful effort. Finally I'll be getting back a pocket PC next week after my smartphone experiment is over. But Kai, I'd love to give you a hand with your English. It just kills me sometimes.( I'm serious, native in America....16 years now.) Good Luck !
06/04/2005NinaToday Shopping listGreat tool for my today screen. I use every day now.
12/04/2004Paula HigginsABC EditorHi Kai, The ABC Editor is a great tool. I buy also the other .NET apps. Paula.
08/07/2004OlafWebpageVery cool new homepage!
07/20/2004Kai BruchmannGuestbookThe new Guestbook will now be saved in a Database