2469 Time Tools15,00 USD
245Cleaning Pack19,00 USD
323Kais CE Pack HPC30,00 USD
344Kais CE Pack.Net 13864,00 USD
440Kais Phone Pack.Net24,95 USD
240Kais Pocket PC Tools39,00 USD
428Kais Survival Pack.Net19,95 USD
247Mini Game Pack12,50 USD
243Office Pack27,00 USD
244Outlook Pack20,00 USD
453Outlook Pack.Net29,95 USD
466Touch Pack.Net19,95 USD
343- Today Battery05,00 USD
342- Today Birthday06,00 USD
411- Today Bluetooth Scanner06,80 USD
355- Today Calendar05,00 USD
412- Today Call History06,50 USD
445- Call, SMS, MMS Counter06,60 USD
476- Today Cell Info06,90 USD
397- Today Exchange Rates.Net08,00 USD
383- Today Holidays06,00 USD
345- Today Moonphases05,00 USD
348- Today Notes05,00 USD
352- Today Shoppinglist05,00 USD
410- Today Sun, Moon, Stars06,00 USD
415- Today Task05,00 USD
336ABC Editor.Net08,00 USD
398Access Converter.Net00,00 USD
372Access Manager .Net24,00 USD
449Alarm System.Net12,00 USD
500Atomic+GPS Clock.Net05,95 USD
337Auto Correct.Net08,00 USD
374Auto Softreset.Net06,50 USD
328Auto Turn Off.Net06,50 USD
431Babyphone.Net09,98 USD
338Beast Master.Net06,66 USD
248Birthdays & Anniversaries08,00 USD
420Black Board.Net07,00 USD
478Bubble Level.Net09,95 USD
416Call Manager.Net09,22 USD
489Camera LED03,95 USD
339Canine Whistle.Net06,49 USD
405Car Dialer.Net06,00 USD
418Car MP3 Player.Net06,80 USD
401Category Manager.Net08,00 USD
422Check Off Calendar06,66 USD
545Coffee.Net04,95 USD
364Control Panel.Net05,00 USD
394Daily Tasks.Net09,99 USD
347Day Counter.Net05,00 USD
252Deinstaller.Net08,00 USD
402Device PIN on/off04,90 USD
503Dictaphone.Net07,95 USD
373Dictionary Ger/Eng .Net09,95 USD
329DiffBackup.Net08,00 USD
413Emergency Dialer.Net08,50 USD
461Eraser.Net06,60 USD
430Exchange Rates08,00 USD
423Flash Light.Net05,00 USD
436Fusionator.Net08,88 USD
454GPRS/WLAN Switcher.Net03,90 USD
458GPS Altimeter.Net06,60 USD
457GPS Cyclometer.Net08,80 USD
452GPS Speedometer.Net07,70 USD
424GPS Tracker.Net10,00 USD
502Headup Display.Net09,95 USD
249Holiday Viewer.Net08,00 USD
544Ice free.Net04,95 USD
471Image Tank.Net09,30 USD
483Inaudible Ring Tones06,95 USD
508Internet Cinema News.Net08,00 USD
408Internet NewsPaper .Net08,00 USD
468Internet Podcast TV.Net10,00 USD
384Internet Radio.Net08,22 USD
432Internet TV.Net10,00 USD
403Internet Webcams.Net08,00 USD
387IR/BT Manager.Net06,95 USD
488Luxmeter.Net06,95 USD
487Mail+MMS handwritten08,00 USD
481Make Up Mirror.Net03,00 USD
509Media Center.Net19,89 USD
331Month Planner Pro.Net10,00 USD
251Moonphases + Zodiac Signs06,00 USD
218MP3 Alarm Professional12,00 USD
419MP3 Sleep Timer.Net10,00 USD
506MP3 SMS Alarm.Net04,95 USD
414Multimedia Diary.Net10,00 USD
434Mute Timer.Net08,00 USD
451Night Clock.Net04,90 USD
482Old Phone.Net07,95 USD
361Opening Hours.Net08,00 USD
377Outlook Backup.Net12,00 USD
332Outlook Cleaner.Net08,00 USD
369Outlook Compact.Net08,00 USD
447Parking Timer.Net05,00 USD
396Phone Spelling System.Net06,00 USD
498Photo Bubble Level.Net12,00 USD
470Photo Calendar.Net07,30 USD
407Picture Phone.Net10,00 USD
376Picture Puzzle.Net06,96 USD
444Picture Reducer.Net08,00 USD
380Pinboard.Net05,15 USD
439Power Info.Net06,00 USD
499Projektion Clock.Net05,95 USD
386Radio Alarm Clock.Net10,00 USD
490Relax Sound.Net07,95 USD
359Resistor ColorCode.Net09,99 USD
442Ringtone Manager.Net08,00 USD
370Sandglass .Net05,50 USD
497Screen Rotator Pro.Net05,95 USD
477Screen Rotator.Net00,00 USD
409Seven Days .Net10,00 USD
480Shave Mirror.Net03,00 USD
393Signature.Net04,90 USD
406SIM Alarm.Net08,88 USD
437SIM Backup.Net08,00 USD
474SMS Backup.Net12,00 USD
491Dog and Cat04,95 USD
505SpeedTest.Net06,95 USD
368Start Up.Net05,00 USD
421Stone Board.Net08,00 USD
367Stop Watch Multi.Net06,66 USD
365Stop Watch.Net05,00 USD
479Stylus Control.Net07,00 USD
360Subscription Timer.Net08,00 USD
427Sun Compass.Net05,00 USD
346Sun Timer.Net05,00 USD
459SystemColor.Net08,00 USD
504T9 on/off03,20 USD
330Text Viewer+Editor.Net08,00 USD
356Thermometer.Net04,00 USD
486Time Lapse.Net08,00 USD
395Today Deinstaller.Net06,00 USD
464Touch Appointment.Net08,11 USD
448Touch Contacts.Net08,00 USD
473Touch eMail.Net10,00 USD
465Touch Keyboard.Net08,11 USD
417Touch MP3 Player.Net09,93 USD
501Touch Scrollbar.Net03,20 USD
462Touch SMS.Net10,00 USD
425Traffic Signs (Germany)07,99 USD
327Turn Off.Net05,00 USD
426vCard Manager.Net09,00 USD
390Virtual Dices.Net06,00 USD
250Virtual Ruler.Net05,00 USD
492Weather Globe.Net11,99 USD
446Weather Station.Net09,20 USD
375Week Planner.Net10,00 USD
312Double Icon10,00 USD
310Four Wins04,00 USD
315Go!04,00 USD
313IconShoot05,00 USD
311Letter Trainer06,00 USD
399Picture Puzzle.Net06,96 USD
314Puzzle Move09,00 USD
276Tricky08,00 USD
400Virtual Dices.Net06,00 USD
262FileOpenDialog.Net25,00 USD
325Media Player Art Skins06,00 USD
PC Programs
455Internet Radio (PC)03,95 USD
485Ruler Generator (PC)07,95 USD
MS Smartphone 2003
450* Alarm System12,00 USD
239* Anniversaries00,01 USD
379* Auto Softreset05,50 USD
232* Auto Turn Off06,50 USD
433* Babyphone09,98 USD
362* Beast Master06,66 USD
238* Birthdays07,00 USD
511* Bubble Level for HTC Juno/Shadow09,95 USD
472* Call, SMS, MMS Counter06,90 USD
237* DayCounter05,00 USD
389* Dictionary Ger/Eng09,95 USD
463* Flashlight05,00 USD
493* GPS Altimeter06,60 USD
494* GPS Cyclometer08,80 USD
495* GPS Speedometer07,70 USD
234* Holiday Viewer08,00 USD
469* Internet Podcast TV10,00 USD
385* Internet Radio08,22 USD
467* Internet TV10,00 USD
404* Internet Webcams08,00 USD
388* IR+BT Manager06,95 USD
354* Kais Smart Pack29,00 USD
496* Luxmeter for HTC Smartphone06,95 USD
236* Moonphases06,00 USD
97* MP3 Alarm Pro12,00 USD
507* MP3 SMS Alarm04,95 USD
435* Mute Timer06,00 USD
484* Old Phone07,95 USD
231* Outlook Cleaner08,00 USD
443* Ringtone Manager08,00 USD
371* Sandglass05,50 USD
233* Short Timer05,00 USD
441* SIM Alarm08,88 USD
438* SIM Backup08,00 USD
475* SMS Backup12,00 USD
366* Stop Watch05,00 USD
228* Sun Timer05,00 USD
460* SystemColor08,00 USD
335* Text Viewer+Editor05,00 USD
363* Thermometer04,00 USD
230* Turn Off00,00 USD
382* US$ Exchange Rates07,00 USD
391* Virtual Dices06,00 USD
229* Virtual Ruler05,00 USD
378* Zodiac Signs04,00 USD
Sony-Ericsson P8000/900/910i
341# Holiday Viewer08,00 USD
340# Moonphases07,00 USD
357# Thermometer04,00 USD
326# Virtual Ruler05,00 USD
Nokia with Symbian OS
349+ Holiday Viewer08,00 USD
350+ Moonphases07,00 USD
358+ Thermometer04,00 USD
351+ Virtual Ruler05,00 USD
256AccessManager 200424,00 USD
258Assign Manager08,00 USD
260Birthday Lists08,00 USD
261Bluetooth Headset Patch03,00 USD
274Break-count Calc08,00 USD
264Card Speed Test07,00 USD
265City Info12,50 USD
266Contact Manager12,50 USD
263ContactDialer08,00 USD
267Convertion Calc08,00 USD
268Day Viewer05,00 USD
306Digital Clock08,00 USD
271Dir-/File Size08,00 USD
272DoubleExplorer12,50 USD
253File: Battery08,00 USD
254File: Password08,00 USD
255File: Weight08,00 USD
273FlashLight03,00 USD
275Friday the 13th03,13 USD
277Holiday Viewer08,00 USD
278Infrared Manager07,00 USD
279Mail Notification08,00 USD
353Mail+SMS Backup11,11 USD
280Media Contacts09,00 USD
281Month Viewer08,00 USD
282Mosquito Prevent07,00 USD
283MP3 Alarm Clock08,00 USD
284Nano Calc05,00 USD
287Outlook Center24,00 USD
286Outlook Cleaner08,00 USD
308PowerOnStart08,00 USD
288Ruler Coaster06,00 USD
290Screen Check05,00 USD
294SevenDays08,00 USD
292Shortcut Cleaner08,00 USD
293Shortcut Creator08,00 USD
309ShortTimer06,00 USD
291Start Screen08,00 USD
295Thunderstorm Range05,00 USD
298Time Machine08,00 USD
297Time Zone Clock08,00 USD
296Time&Date Calc08,00 USD
270Today DeInstaller08,00 USD
300Today Theme Changer08,00 USD
302Turn Off Dim Down05,00 USD
301Turn Off Multi Style05,00 USD
303vCard Manager08,00 USD
304WeekViewer08,00 USD

Total products: 262, Total views: 1176092, Total price: US$ 2.213,81