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12/13/2012mike badcockUK BBC RADIO 4I was surprised not to find radio 4 that must be the most common radio channel in the UK?
11/15/2012Jefferson B GilbertProgram guideI am interested in Podcast TV for Win. 8 and would like to see what channels or content are available in English. Thank you.
02/16/2011Hany ShendySMS BackupDear Sir, I've downloaded the trial version of PocketKai SMS Backup to my Samsung Omnia II Device, and it didn't support Arabic Text and got my other folders backup with no messages, these folders is not sub of the Inbox but main folders in the same level of Inbox, although the program creates text files with these folder names. Is there any solution for my problem. Thanks, Hany Shendy
04/13/2010David RachelsPhoto Cell Type CounterA program similar to your luxmeter which would count transitions from light to dark such as parts passing by on a conveyor. Counting, totalizing and rate would be useful information. If necessary a pocket flashlight could server as a beam source. Sensitivity adjustment via software would almost be a necessity. This would allow WM smart-phones to function as yet another useful tool. I already use many of your programs including your Luxmeter on my HTC Touch Pro and I can't wait to switch to my new Samsung Omnia II arriving today. Thanks for the excellent apps and proving that our only limits is our imagination.
11/17/2009EdWindows Mobile autodialerHello, I'm looking for something that will autodial my contacts. For example I have 300 customers and I'm in the car a lot so it's difficult to dial and drive so I would like a program that will dial the next contact in a selected list after I hang up with one. 1. I select the contacts from a list I want to call lets say it's 50 of them. 2. I hit "go" the phone dials the first contact, I talk with that contact and hang up, the phone dials the next contact. It would be nice if the contacts info came up when it dials so at a glance I can see who it's calling. A pause button would be nice too.
07/10/2009john magnavigateurs de connexions gprs gratuitssalut desole pour le code ;je parle juste en français... en effet je recherche un programme comme decrit ci dessus. merci
05/18/2009Jim AllenManualDo you have a manual for the Kai's Weekly Planner?
05/14/2009Willy WongMp3 for Wake up AlarmsHi, I would like to assign Mp3 ringtones for the wake-up alarms, just like your new design progarm (MP3 SMS Alarm), which can assign different file format (mp3, wma, wmv) for SMS Alarm for different contacts. Since, WM6.1 can only accept wav format with limited sizes, that makes a lot of inconvenience and a weakness point comparing to normal mobile phone. Therefore, I would be very appreciate if you can make this happen, thanks!!!
04/28/2009Danny VandormaelMirror displayI like the Kai's Headup Display Speed program. I like to see a program that would be able to mirror every program so that I can see any info from my WM6 phone on the windscreen.
03/30/2009Lars hogbergGPS SpeedometerIt would be great if it was possible to change unit to "knot" for use at sea,at a PDA, toggle between the nav prog and the speedometer, perfect for smaller boats. Lars
02/12/2009Aaron BeagleBatch Installer forcab filesIt would be great if i had an application that I could use to select multiple .cab files and install them all at once instead of going through and installing them one at a time.
02/03/2009ApodaG-sensor stuffAs accelerometers (g-sensors) become more common I hope to see more apps that can utilze this hardward. For example a simple hourglass timer that when rotated starts the sands flowing. Another app might be a random number generator, shake to generate a new random number. Anyway, thanks for asking and keep up the great work. All the apps I've purchased from you work perfectly and are modestly priced. HTC Touch Pro user.
01/16/2009Muhamed AbdelaallBluetooth softwareHi, I would like & willing to pay for a software that will fix the bluetooth disconnection in all windows mobile phones & will always keep it on as it is a common problem for lots of PPC users. Also, since I'm a bluetooth 100% dependent user & have 3 headsets connected, I'm hoping for a software that will "Auto Connect" to a bluetoth headset based on "Priority" list automatically 100%. Thanks alot
01/13/2009Mark UnderwoodPocketKai vcard managerI purchased this program, but I don't seem to have enough RAM to get it to run. The main pgm installed OK, but the VB runtime won't. Let me know if there are any workarounds or plans for a version that doesn't require that particular runtime. My machine is a PPC6700 running 6.1 upgraded using PPCGeeks.
11/28/2008RobABC Editor for WM6.1I get the impression that ABC Editor only works on OS up to Windows Mobile 5. I'd love to buy it if it were updated for WM 6.1.
11/27/2008Jelmer JellemaUTMI really like the GPS Altimeter. It does everything I need without all the stuff other software adds like tracks and things. But: most of my hicking maps seem to be in UTM coordinates. So it would be nice if the program could display these. Also: I live on around 25m altitude. Still the software states I am at 74m altitude. This seems to be in feet. Setting the software to displaying feet makes me live at 238 ft. I don't understand why. Jelmer
04/13/2008Terry GibsonYour Kai's Car GPS SpeedometerI would love to see this for Symbian S60v3 cheers Terry
03/20/2008Stan CushingPersonal journal/diary for Windows Mobile 5/6 ProfessionalHave not found a good personal diary for Pocket PC - needs to be password protected, page per day, ability to add in voice notes or pictures would be nice. I use iDaily Diary on the PC, but there is no mobile version. Very nice website you have here!
02/15/2008Roger Selsoetracking the phones whereabouts :)I just spent 5 hours looking for my phone after leaving it on top of the car-roof.. I traced where i had driven and estimated the turns it most likely would have fallen off at.. is there any way of sending a message to the phone that makes the phone tell you where it is ?? at least the area at where it is, even within 500 m would be greatfully appreciated hehe.. i looked for it beside the road for 1 mile almost today, and found it :):):)
02/09/2008fabiobluetooth notifierhi. when my mono bluetooth handsfree (lg) is connected with my device i wish a notify in today screen or top bar . thank's
12/29/2007James ReinhardtCar DialerMake the car dialer software beep when a number is pressed.
12/27/2007Jay DoshiAnswering MachineThere is a software called Answering Machine 1.20 available for symbian. looking for a similar one for pocket pc windows mobile 5. the description of the software is attached below. Answering Machine 1.20 * Full support of Nokia 6600 You can use "Answering Machine" on any Series 60 phone available on the market at the moment including the newest Nokia smartphone 6600. * Personalized responses Now it is possible to set up personalized responses for any group or contact from your phonebook * Improved settings Maximum message duration and pick up time were extended Features: "Answering Machine" will serve you as a personal secretary. It will answer your calls, play prerecoded message of your choice and record a message for you. It has all the features of a conventional answering machine and even more! Some features of the "Answering Machine": * Answering incoming calls after the predefined time You can choose pick up time from 0 seconds up to 20 seconds * Playing one of the prerecorded responses to the phone line You can record your own responses, download one from the internet or just send to your mobile phone via IR, bluetooth or MMS. * Recording a voice message After "Answering Machine" will pick up the phone and play the response of your choice to the phone line it will start recording the message. You can set maximum incoming message length to be from 5 seconds up to 2 munites. * Pick up and Hang up are possible at any time while AM is answering the call Even after "Answering Machine" started answering your call you can easily take control - just like with traditional machines. All voice messages are stored locally and are available at any time * That's the best part! You don't have to pay for your voice mailbox to you operator! A special view allows you to manage recorded voice messages * You can browse, rename and delete your voice messages. Caller phone number along with the date and time of the call are stored With a single button (green key) you can call to a person who left a message. * Global indicator of the new messages Even if "Answering Machine" is running in the background you can easily see whether you have new messages.
11/04/2007patrick doylecontact list editori am looking for a progam i can run on my pc and edit and add phone contact list from my phone windows moble att 8525 back in forth from pc back to phone. basicly a easy way to add phone number for my phone on my pc and then upload them back to my phone.
09/25/2007Ben WilcoxBluetooth headset pairing with Ipaq RX3715I need a Program that will allow pairing between a Bluetooth headset and my Ipaq RX3715, for music playback and VOIP. Thanks- Ben W.
08/12/2007MarcosUndeleteI want a undelete program to recover deleted files on "My Documents" folder, even after a hard reset.
05/31/2007RickView and sync multiple .PST filesI need a program that will view my multiple .pst personal outlook files the way outfook does on my computer. Help!!!
02/12/2007Charles Mackenzie-Hillexport Month Hello. I am not sure if it would be poosible but it would be icing on the cake to be able to export Month planner into Exel,may be edit a little and then print. Thanks for a great product,that I use often.
12/11/2006ArleyUndo FeatureHi, would love an undo-last-action feature that runs all the time, with an icon that is always shown, with which you can 'take it back': deletes, saves, editing - the lot. Please help; WM5 is killing me!
10/06/2006Theresa FreemanCalendarI would like to have a Calendar option where I can select to see what are my "next 6 (or 5, or 4, etc.) appointments coming up. These appointments may be today, or 2 today, 1 tomorrow, and 3 the following day. I would like to be able to see these all on the the today screen. I don't need all of the other options available, such as currency conversions, etc. I just want something simple. Is this a possibility? I have an ipaq 6515. Thank you.
06/01/2006Elie KurzumHolidays for Christians Muslims and JewsHi it's me again, any possibility to add the Chrisitan and Muslim and Jews holidays to the calender for the WM5 and plz don't forget the Christian Orthodox also thank you again
06/01/2006Elie KurzumMP3 ringtones to the JASJARHi thank you for your work I appreciate it very well. Is there anyway to change the stupid rings of the JASJAR when the phone rings and use mp3 music or songs? like in all other normal phones. Thank you
05/18/2006Coen Veldhuisweekviewi like to have weekly overview with vertical days. 1 very narrow timebar on the left side, only the selected start time untill the selected end time is displayed. appointment are shown without time, because theire height and location shows te start and end time. Selectable fontsize lets the user descide which first letters of the appointment are shown
04/14/2006Dean BiddleSchedulerDarn good web site and programs... I would love to see a scheduler to run a program, (like my screenguard program), every 5 min but ask me first.. Kind of like Mortsaver screenguard but on a timer. Just like a windows screensaver.
03/25/2006bernard ruggieropaintwould like to download pbrush to my pc.
02/11/2006DiggiaAnswering Machine for WM 5I think could be useful have an Answering Machine similar to SmartAnswer for Nokia (Symbian s60) Thanks
01/25/2006Arve AsheimAnalog ClockI would like a simple analog clock behind the text on the homescreen, like it's etched into the image behind. It would have to register rotation since I have a Qtec 9100.
01/15/2006S. PANIcontact folder on windows mobile 5.0Hi, It would be nice to have a plug in that puts all the "contacts" in a confidential acces, readable only once a password is inputed. (windows mobile 5.0) Also a sort of popup screen that comes up showing either either a birthday or the list of data inputed under the calendar. These pop up screens could be programmed for any specific day and time with an alarm and have a option to be repeated either each day, each week or each year (useful for birthdays). Thanks and keep up the good work. Sp
12/04/2005Lee JordanBluetooth Headset For Audiovox XV6600 PDA PhoneKai, I tried your Bluetooth Headset Patch hoping it would work with my PDA/Phone, but no luck. I can only receive calls with my Jabra headset I can not get any audio.
11/05/2005Shahzad KhanBluetooth Headset for PocketPC (I-mate JAM)Hello Kai, I appreciate for your constant support. I just purchased Bluetooth Headset your developed software for US$3 dollars. You see, I have I-mate JAM (MDAII, XDAII, etc) and I have a stereo bluetooth headset (i-Tech). I can pair both devices and I can hear the phone calls but not the audio files. I was wondering if you can help me in any regard. By either sharing the key tips so that I can do it myself or providing a software. Trust me, I heard from more than 40 persons who were looking for a similar software. Million Thanks
09/06/2005Jonathon BrandemihlBlueTooth Headsets for iPAQ rx 3715Or perhaps a way to add profiles to the O.S.
07/15/2005Chris DobkinsToday Plugin for Voicemail Notification and Missed Call NotificationI would like a today plug in that displays number of voicemessages (if any) on the today screen. I would also like a today plug in that displays the number of missed calls (if any) on the today screen.
07/20/2004Kai BruchmannProgram desiresProgram desires will be saved in a Database now.