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- Today Battery
- Today Birthday
- Today Bluetooth Scanner
- Today Calendar
- Today Call History
- Call, SMS, MMS Counter
- Today Cell Info
- Today Exchange Rates.Net
- Today Holidays
- Today Moonphases
- Today Notes
- Today Shoppinglist
- Today Sun, Moon, Stars
- Today Task
ABC Editor.Net
Access Converter.Net
Access Manager .Net
Alarm System.Net
Atomic+GPS Clock.Net
Auto Correct.Net
Auto Softreset.Net
Auto Turn Off.Net
Beast Master.Net
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Black Board.Net
Bubble Level.Net
Call Manager.Net
Camera LED
Canine Whistle.Net
Car Dialer.Net
Car MP3 Player.Net
Category Manager.Net
Check Off Calendar
Control Panel.Net
Daily Tasks.Net
Day Counter.Net
Device PIN on/off
Dictionary Ger/Eng .Net
Emergency Dialer.Net
Exchange Rates
Flash Light.Net
GPRS/WLAN Switcher.Net
GPS Altimeter.Net
GPS Cyclometer.Net
GPS Speedometer.Net
GPS Tracker.Net
Headup Display.Net
Holiday Viewer.Net
Ice free.Net
Image Tank.Net
Inaudible Ring Tones
Internet Cinema News.Net
Internet NewsPaper .Net
Internet Podcast TV.Net
Internet Radio.Net
Internet TV.Net
Internet Webcams.Net
IR/BT Manager.Net
Mail+MMS handwritten
Make Up Mirror.Net
Media Center.Net
Month Planner Pro.Net
Moonphases + Zodiac Signs
MP3 Alarm Professional
MP3 Sleep Timer.Net
MP3 SMS Alarm.Net
Multimedia Diary.Net
Mute Timer.Net
Night Clock.Net
Old Phone.Net
Opening Hours.Net
Outlook Backup.Net
Outlook Cleaner.Net
Outlook Compact.Net
Parking Timer.Net
Phone Spelling System.Net
Photo Bubble Level.Net
Photo Calendar.Net
Picture Phone.Net
Picture Puzzle.Net
Picture Reducer.Net
Power Info.Net
Projektion Clock.Net
Radio Alarm Clock.Net
Relax Sound.Net
Resistor ColorCode.Net
Ringtone Manager.Net
Sandglass .Net
Screen Rotator Pro.Net
Screen Rotator.Net
Seven Days .Net
Shave Mirror.Net
SIM Alarm.Net
SIM Backup.Net
SMS Backup.Net
Dog and Cat
Start Up.Net
Stone Board.Net
Stop Watch Multi.Net
Stop Watch.Net
Stylus Control.Net
Subscription Timer.Net
Sun Compass.Net
Sun Timer.Net
T9 on/off
Text Viewer+Editor.Net
Time Lapse.Net
Today Deinstaller.Net
Touch Appointment.Net
Touch Contacts.Net
Touch eMail.Net
Touch Keyboard.Net
Touch MP3 Player.Net
Touch Scrollbar.Net
Touch SMS.Net
Traffic Signs (Germany)
Turn Off.Net
vCard Manager.Net
Virtual Dices.Net
Virtual Ruler.Net
Weather Globe.Net
Weather Station.Net
Week Planner.Net
     Pocket PC 2003, WM5/6
     Smartphone w/o Touchscr.
     Sony-Ericsson P900
     Nokia Symbian Phone
     Handheld PC

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